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Alt-House is an agency and production house with a unique vision,
and we operate within a community-minded b
usiness model.
Working with us, our clients and creatives provide
integral and meaningful contributions towards
and inclusive and progressive future.

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We believe it's possible to excel in a commercial standard of creative production,
whilst maintaining a real commitment to supporting independent artists and businesses.
Taking inspiration from various global movements, we believe this is the pathway
towards a future evolution of media and culture within Naarm,
via supporting the next generation of visionaries and creators in our community.

We run self-funded community programs, aimed toward expanding
available access and resources for small businesses and creatives.
We welcome brand partners, individuals and companies
looking to get more involved in community initiatives. 


Sign up to our newsletter to stay in the loop
with upcoming programs,
community initiatives and events,

or shoot us an email for any further info. 

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Alt-Curated, run by Alt-House, is a platform to bring together local creatives and the broader community. We organise curated pop-up events, showcasing local makers selling unique, sustainable, and slow made products. Our focus is to build a community that connects creatives to their peers and customers, promoting both growth and awareness of small businesses. 


We also welcome creatives, local designers and makers to hire our unique converted warehouse space on weekends for private pop-up shops, launches and workshops. 

If you have an idea in mind, we want to bring it to life.

To be considered for future Alt-Curated events,

or to chat about our pop-up pricing and your project,
please get in touch.




We are a small business run by artists, for artists.
We are working on being the change we wish to see. 

AHM offers 5 women and gender diverse, plus all BIPOC + LGBTQIA+ people an opportunity to be part of a group that has free access to our Alt-House production photography sets,
for 3 months.

This program provides access to editorial, fashion, music + still life photo-shoots produced + shot by Alt-House, as well as
opportunities to network with and assist creatives such as Stylists, Art Directors, HMUA + models. AHM crew gain on-set experience setting up studio lighting + on set production elements in a supported environment.

The purpose of this program is to uplift emerging creatives by providing IRL experience and helping them advance on their chosen career path.

Our House Mates are also the first in line for roles that may arise within our studio + production company.

Our program is ongoing but has a long wait-list,

please get in touch if you wish to be added.


We invite local photographers, art-directors, models + stylists of all levels to send us a creative pitch,
and each month we will sponsor an artist with 1 x free full day studio session with lighting awarded to the winning entry.


We are a studio for artists to bring vision to life,
and are committed to providing access to talented creatives to help them along their journey.


We are also happy to provide creative crew suggestions and contacts where requested
to help bring each shoot together.


Successful winners will be announced each month, 
and the final work produced will be shared with our network on our channels. 

We encourage applications from artists of BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ communities.


Please email us with some info about yourself, your creative practice and your proposal to be considered.


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We understand making the jump from natural light to studio 
can be intimidating and expensive. 
We're here to make this transition a little easier.

We are now running ongoing bite-sized accessible workshops for photographers of various levels of experience. 

Our workshops will be an entry point for those wanting to move into studio work, as well as those wanting to up-skill,
learn a few more tricks and elevate their images.

Held in our beautiful Fitzroy studio,
our groups are limited to 10 students per class,
and run by our team of commercial lighting professionals. 

Beginner and intermediate classes info below.
Advanced sessions coming in the near future.
Private 1-on-1 workshop sessions are also available, 
please get in touch for more info.

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