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photography studio, photo, space, pop-up, event, heritage building, photoshoot, interior, furniture hire, lighting hire, alt-house
photography studio, photo, space, pop-up, event, heritage building, photoshoot, interior, furniture hire, lighting hire, alt-house


Alt-House is an artist led creative agency and visual production house. We endeavour to support independent businesses and creatives, and produce original and engaging visual assets for clients large and small. 

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Alt-House is a creative agency and production house based in Brunswick Naarm. Operated by creatives and friends, we offer end-to-end asset creation and specialise in fashion, editorial, still-life and press photography + video.


Alongside producing out-of-the-box visual assets for clients of all sizes,
we strive to forge new pathways for creatives within our community programs, events, and production house.

We work with established and next-gen creatives, ensuring our visual projects are dynamic and unique -
we don’t believe in
copy and paste. Our network is inclusive of photographers, directors, videographers,
art-directors, stylists and hair + make-up artists.


Alt-house produces work with an alternative aesthetic,
with an ethos of celebrating and embracing things that makes us
We offer a safe space for BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ communities
within our photo-sets, projects and events.


We believe in championing diversity and genuine representation,
 in addition to uplifting local makers, brands and businesses.
We offer accessible local label / artist rates

for our production services and events.


To find out about more our creative process,
our production pricing or anything else,
please get in touch. 


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Alt-House was born in early 2021, out of a union of creative friends with a shared vision.

Drawn together by our eclectic visual styles, and each with a disdain for making things that looked ordinary,
we set out to create photographs and film work with an authentic, unique and charismatic quality.

Alt-House is operated by visual artists who work closely together to produce projects that stand alone from the crowd. We're passionate about bringing together amazing people to make magic happen.

We are a female + POC owned creative agency and production company.


Alt-House was first founded by creatives Jess Brohier, Grace Moore and Ilsa Wynne-Hoelscher Kidd.


Currently, Jess our Creative Director, leads the team and holds over 7 years of experience working in production and commercial photography. Jess' expertise in fashion, press, still-life and editorial photography +
art-direction has led her to forming connections with many of Naarm's most talented and established industry creatives and brands.

Jess' client list includes NIKE, Adidas, Champion, Wilson, COS, Bonds, Frank Body, Sportsgirl, Volley, New Balance, MECCA, Gorman, Aquila and Cotton On.

Within Alt-House, her passion for producing charismatic and unique visual content fuses with a drive to foster a real life community and support a future vision of an inclusive and diverse creative industry in our city. 

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